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Outsourced HR for Law Firms enables Law Firms to package HR Services into their existing product line-up.

This not only enables Law Firms to market a product that has clear benefits and differentials against other providers in the marketplace but can also be used to generate income as this can be branded as an in-house product and the fees uplifted.

The services are bespoke and are designed exactly to the Law Firms requirements. For example this could be used as an extension of your Employment helpline, the design of bespoke systems for a client (appraisals, absence management, etc) or the attendance of a meeting to chair a disciplinary hearing.

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Benefits of Albion Legal HR

  • Enable your firm to compete against HR consultancies and ensure that you retain existing employment work.
  • You can provide a single source for all your SME clients' people needs
  • You can cement your relationships with clients and increasingly bind their activities closer to yours.
  • There are natural concerns regarding the overlap between your work and that of an HR consultant and the impact that has on your business. Our solution puts you in control:-

    1. We sell you the HR consultancy package. You then brand the package and resell it as your product.
    2. You remain the contact point for your new enhanced service.
    3. You decide which calls to pass through to HR to advise and support and which you deal with yourself.
    4. You set the trigger point for passing through to HR. It might be different for different areas of employment.
    5. You will get a full file note back on what HR has advised so you are briefed for any subsequent action. You are still in charge.
  • You may identify specific pieces of work that are best delivered by HR and which you would not have the skills to deliver yourself. With HR available you can price a specific piece of work and take your share of the profit and deliver a client’s needs from within your business.
  • We would emphasise that you remain in control at all times. You decide which consultant to use, which queries to pass through and which to retain for yourself. You can change the trigger points for passing through on a matter by matter basis. You get updates on every matter passed through. You can sell additional services to increase your income. HR supports you in a flexible way that best meets its needs.

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